We are the best study abroad consultant in Kochi, we help students to fulfill their dream to study abroad. Studying in a foreign country is a fantastic experience as it gains access to world class institutions and programmes. This will provide an excellent opportunity to expand our own horizons of knowledge, new skill development and experiences.

The esteemed Company, Overseas Options, the renowned overseas education consultants in Kochi provides high quality international consultancy offering services to students who wish to pursue a career mainly in Canada, UK and USA. We have been assisting students in locating reputable study abroad opportunities and providing advices in choosing reputed overseas educational institutions that provide quality programmes with comprehensive knowledge.

Skyline Airlink (India) Pvt Ltd came into existence in 2001 and operated as JobQuester.com, overseasoptions.com and skylinetravelusa.com.

Overseas Options also came into existence in 2005 with a goal to provide consultancy to the students who wish to pursue a career in overseas education.

Canada is one of the countries that attract the most international students nowadays. Canada is renowned globally for having high standards of education and excellent educational world top institutions that provide real-industrial exposure under the guidance of professionals and experts. Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor’s degree (Honours), Masters, Doctorate or Phd levels of education are available in various Universities including Vancouver Island University, Ryerson University.

The admission process and requirements vary from institutions and the Overseas Options provide all facilities to get admission in these topmost institutions in the world.

The Canadian Government provides safe and security to all immigrants and students can acquire world class education and health care facilities now.

The cost of education and living are sometimes the most important factors to consider while studying abroad. In Canada, excellent quality of education at reasonable cost compared to the cost in renowned Indian Universities. The Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) and work while studying in Canada are beneficial to the students to complete the studies with no financial burdens . The Government of Canada provides better opportunities to become a resident of Canada after completing the education. This brings a better option in investing in education and becoming prosperous and settling happily anywhere across the world.

As the Top study abroad consultant in Kochi we will complete every criteria and help students to reach abroad easily, and make their dream come true.


best study abroad consultant in Kochi



Best overseas educational consultant in Kochi

We are the best overseas educational consultant in Kochi, giving our services to students interested in a career in international education.

International students who want to study abroad can take advantage of various advantages that are not available to those who choose to study in India. Some of the reasons why so many international students choose to study in Canada include exposure to other cultures, hands-on learning opportunities, top-tier credentials, and the opportunity to interact with students from other countries. Since Canada provides international students with the best possibilities to study, work, and settle down of any country, it has emerged as the top choice for all Indian students. We are Kochi’s leading study abroad advisors.

Best overseas educational consultant in Kochi

Why Overseas options ?

You need a specialist you can rely on to make sure your transfer to a foreign university goes well. As the best overseas educational consultant in Ernakulam, Overseas Options has assisted both employers and students in locating trustworthy study abroad options. We pay close attention to their needs and goals in order to give them the finest direction. We are working to increase everyone’s access to high-quality international education across all borders and geographical areas. Our goal as a top international consultant is to give students in-depth training and direction so they can realise their full potential and become the centre of success.

The goal of our business is to meet your needs while being honest and following a completely unique plan. We put in a lot of effort and have a definite goal in mind: to become Kochi’s leading abroad educational consultancy.

Our success depends on you succeeding. Allow us to guide you through uncharted waters to your new home. We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a meeting with one of our knowledgeable consultants.

best overseas educational consultant in Kochi


Canada is a country in North America. Well known for its beautiful tourist, beauty, and also maple trees which is one of the country’s greatest exports. Canada for Indian students is becoming a new hub. Apart from having one of the largest landmasses in the world. Canada has 10 provinces.

Nowadays, more and more students want to study abroad to discover another culture or to improve their language level. Staying abroad is increasing and valued by universities and the professional world.

Canada has recently become a hub for education for students all over the world therefore Indian students are not behind as a lot of them are looking to better their conditions. And reach greater heights in their careers. If you are looking to study in Canada, listed below are more reasons to keep you motivated to achieve your goal:


Canadian universities are one of the best in the world that’s why these universities are ranked among the best in the world. Like, University of Toronto, McGill, and the University of Alberta are top Universities in the world because their extracurricular activities set their students apart from others.


Canada is one of the countries that attract the most international students (and a lot of India). The experiences will result in your financial stability. You will be able to meet many different personalities and cultures that will allow you to acquire great open-mindedness.


A degree from a Canadian university is an automatic boost to your CV and immediately proves that you are employable. Employers view international students as serious and determined because of it makes them hot in demand.


Studying in Canada gives you a Canadian degree or work experience and many startup opportunities. This promotes employment. The profiles of engineers, developers, or even business schools are highly searched. The labor market is highly competitive but preference is given to Canadian students.


Canadian schools are one of the most affordable in the world and one would begin to wonder why a country that offers such high-quality education is easily affordable. Studying in Canada represents a very good compromise. For students who have financial difficulties, it is possible to obtain scholarships. It will allow you to finance a large part of the tuition fees. For those who have the opportunity, it may be interesting to leave. studying on a university exchange: the advantage is that you won’t pay the tuition fees of your host university since you will have the status of visiting student and you will only have to finance your life there.

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Cost of Studying in Canada

Canada, also known for its maple trees and syrup, Country of North America. Apart from its picturesque provinces and views, Canada is also popular for something else, it is fast becoming a hub for international students who are seeking greener pastures with the hope of migrating. What is studying in Canada cost? Canada boasts of some of the best universities and education systems in the world as a result every year, millions of students from all over the world apply to universities in Canada. Here are some of the best universities in Canada:

  • University of Toronto
  • York university
  • University of Alberta
  • The University of British Columbia

Why should you study in Canada? Cost of studying in Canada?

Internationally Recognized Certificates:

It’s a fact, Canadian universities are very well known academically. However, you can imagine that these universities, which are among the best in the world, are very selective. If you want to have the chance to do a semester or a year there, you will need a very good academic record, and this should be prepared from high school!

Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere:

Canada is one of the countries that attract the most international students. The experiences you will have will be a great richness because you will be able to meet many different personalities and cultures, which will allow you to acquire a great openness.

CV boost:

It is no surprise that after studying in Canada, it is a worthy mention on your CV as that alone opens multiple doors of opportunities from international and home-based recruiters. It shows that you have an open mind. Able to adapt to deal with many different situations that might arise. This is something recruiters will be aware of. But if you have spent time in another country, this also indicates that you are a good or even a very good student, because generally, they select the best profiles.

Employable skillset:

In Canada, the labor market is very dynamic, there are many opportunities for startups and this promotes employment. Engineers, developers, and even business school profiles are highly sought after. If you dream of setting up your business at the end of your studies or working in a startup, you will be welcome in Canada. However, there are still certain formalities and conditions to fulfill them, you will need a work visa.

Affordable tuition:

Studying in Canada can be an alternative to the United States where the cost can easily double or even triple depending on the university, In addition, for students who have financial difficulties, it is possible to obtain scholarships that will allow you to finance a large part of the tuition fees and for those who have the opportunity it may be interesting to leave study in university exchange: the advantage is that you will not pay the tuition fees of your host university since you will have the status of “visiting student” and you will only have to finance your life there.

With all the information floating around the internet, you might be wondering how easily you can get admission to a Canadian university, All you need is:

  • High school transcript
  • Passport bio-data page
  • Tuition fee which may be within the neighborhood of $14,000- $70,000 CAD. It varies depending on the institution and province your choice of university is located at.
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