Best overseas educational consultant in Kochi

The most important factor that parents and students consider when they choose to study abroad is how much does their education in another country will cost. As Canada is known to be an affordable study destination for international students among several English-speaking counties most of the Indian students choose to study here and obtain unmatched educational qualifications for a bright future. To understand better, the cost of education and living in Canada is discussed in the following points:


  • The Tuition Fee (CAD$) to be paid for Undergraduate Bachelor Degree can cost $18,000 and for Postgraduate Master’s Degree it can cost $14,000 to $24,000
  • The accommodation Cost (CAD$) to be paid is $4000 – $8500
  • Minimum Cost of Living (CAD$) as per GIC costs $14,000
  • (GIC is Guaranteed Investment Certificate under which CAD$ 10000 is to be paid to the Scotia Bank in Canada)

Hence, if you have decided to study, financial information for Canada is an important aspect that you need to consider as per your financial stability.  At Overseas Options, you will be given detailed information about the costs involved and ways through which you can obtain financial aid for your further education.

Financial Information