Canada as a nation is highly proactive in promoting overseas education to students who are on the lookout for quality courses in Canada. The government’s prime focus has been in promoting higher studies in Canada which has resulted in the surge of thousands of students every year of which the majority of them are from Asian regions, especially India and China. Scholarships are available for Students with excellent academic records International Scholarship awards range from $500 one time up to $4,000 for each of four years for a total of $16,000.

*Scholarship amount given is of informative nature, may vary according to awarding bodies

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Canada’s education system is no less than any other profound education system; in fact, it is now becoming the most preferred one. As you know, studying abroad is always an expensive business. Study abroad scholarships offered by the Government of Canada, Canadian universities and other institutions become an excellent option for students to cut down on study costs.

You can either apply for the scholarship or due to your excellent academic records; you might get awarded automatically.  It serves as an asset for the students who have an outstanding academic record and who have good work experience. Mostly, the scholarships are provided for the postgraduate courses and are limited too because of the higher international student intake.

As getting a scholarship is a lengthy process, you should start looking for it as soon as you plan to study in Canada. So, start searching for the scholarship possibilities and get in touch with your present country’s department of education in order to see if you are eligible for any awards.

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Systematic planning is what is needed for solving all the problems. Plan and make a list of institutions that offer scholarships or awards to foreign students.


IRDC Research awards are scholarships granted by the Canadian Government to international education aspirants from developing countries, who want to pursue their Masters or doctorate level research degree from a Canadian university.

‘Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships’ by the Canadian Government is given to international students going for postgraduate study in natural, social sciences, and health research.

‘Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program’ scholarships are specially introduced for students who have enrolled for a Master’s degree or Ph.D. at Canadian University that is CGS-M allocated.

Scholarships in the name of ‘Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program’ is available for international doctoral students’ pursuing the course from a participating Canadian University.

‘NSERC Postgraduate scholarships’ are allotted to international students with exceptional academic achievements studying natural sciences or engineering from a recognized Canadian University.


  • ‘York University International Student Program’ scholarships for undergraduate students studying in Toronto.
  • Scholarships to international students known as ‘Western University International Admission Scholarships’ is offered by the University of Western Ontario.
  • Various Canadian scholarships to international students pursuing Masters or doctoral program is offered by the University of Waterloo in the name of ‘University of Waterloo International Funding’.
  • University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies offers ‘University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship’ to domestic and international students.
  • The University of Saskatchewan offers scholarships on the basis of merit to undergraduate international students known as ‘University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards’.
  • University of Manitoba offers ‘University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships ‘to students studying at the university.
  • Under the name ‘Queen’s University International Scholarships’, Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario offers a number of scholarships to international students. Some awards being exclusively for students from  US, India and Pakistan.

An exclusive scholarship; The HEC Montreal BBA Entrance Scholarships is primarily for international students pursuing BBA program at HEC Montréal. It is also a merit-based Canadian scholarship.